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MOPH Memorial Page

This page is meant to honor and remember Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) members that have passed away. Our members served our country proudly and risked their lives defending freedom. They traveled to foreign lands to ensure that wars weren't fought in our backyards. They faced bullets, bombs, mortars and all of the hells of war in order to defend liberty and the American way of life. While serving our country they sustained injuries that would affect them for the rest of their lives. They are true American hero’s and our country will be eternally grateful for their courage and sacrifice.

In addition to honoring our members who are Purple Heart recipients, we also remember our associate members. Associate members are lineal relatives of Purple Heart recipients. Under member type Purple Heart recipients are listed as Annual Members or Life Members. Associate members are listed as Associate Life Members or Associate Annual Members.

This page is NOT maintained by the MOPH national office. Please do not call the MOPH national office in reference to this page. For any corrections to this page please email webmaster@purpleheart.org. If you know of a MOPH member that has passed away and is not listed on this page please contact their local chapter. Any chapter officer can add members of their chapter to this list. You can find their chapter by clicking here and searching by the zip code that the member lived in. This memorial only lists MOPH members. Purple Heart recipients that never joined the MOPH are not listed on this memorial page. Also, Purple Heart recipients cannot join the MOPH posthumously.

The following Members have passed away in the last 2 months

Name Department Chapter Service War Member Type
ADAMS , BILLYMissouri0115-MO-2 ARW2Life Member
ALMGREN , PHILIP ECalifornia0750-CA-6 MCKRLife Member
ANDREWS , BERNARDMassachusetts0875-MA-1 AFW2Life Member
AYERS , WILLIAMFlorida1963-FL-4 NVVNLife Member
BANKS , JERRY WAYNEPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
BARRESE , PATSYNew York0405-NY-1 ARW2Life Member
BATES , ALBERTNorth Carolina0639-NC-4 MCVNLife Member
BEARD , HENRYMississippi0682-MS-4 ARVNLife Member
BELEZOS , GEORGE WMassachusetts0875-MA-1 ARW2Life Member
BENOIT , ALANMissouri0115-MO-2 ARVNLife Member
BLAKELY , KENNETH FCalifornia2004-NM-5 ARVNLife Member
BOATWRIGHT , CHARLESNorth Carolina0639-NC-4 AFVNLife Member
BOURGEOIS , GEORGE JMassachusetts0875-MA-1 ARW2Life Member
BRADSHAW , ELLIS BMassachusetts0875-MA-1 MCW2Life Member
BRANDANO , ANTHONYNew York0490-NY-1 AFW2Life Member
BROWN , HARVEYNevada2004-NM-5 ARW2Life Member
CALLAHAN , MICHAEL JMissouri0115-MO-2 ARVNLife Member
CASS , NORMAN LFlorida0400-FL-4 AFVNLife Member
CHARRON , WILFREDMassachusetts0875-MA-1 ARW2Life Member
COBB , VADEN LVirginia1607-VA-1 MCVNLife Member
CONTE , FRANKVirginia1607-VA-1 ARW2Life Member
CREECH , JAMES ANorth Carolina0639-NC-4 ARW2Life Member
CZARNECKI , EDWARD JNew York0490-NY-1 NVVNLife Member
D'ARPINO , ANTHONYNew York0490-NY-1 Not ListedNot ListedLife Member
DAVIS , ALLENNew Jersey1607-VA-1 ARVNLife Member
DE HAVEN , WAYNE HMinnesota0005-MN-2 ARW2Life Member
DEL SESTO , RAYMOND PMassachusetts0875-MA-1 NVW2Life Member
DEMSKIE , NEAL HPennsylvania0656-PA-1 NVVNLife Member
DIXSON , JAY BNew York0264-NY-1 ARW2Life Member
DOTE , GEORGE A.New York0490-NY-1 ARW2Life Member
DUNN , MICHAEL DArkansas0431-AR-5 MCVNLife Member
DUPERIOR , RICKVirginia1607-VA-1 MCVNLife Member
FAULCONER , CHARLES OVirginia1607-VA-1 ARW2Life Member
FERRIS , ANTHONYNew York0490-NY-1 AFW2Life Member
GREGOR , DAVID LWisconsin0162-WI-2 ARVNLife Member
HASSICK , MICHAEL HNew York0490-NY-1 MCVNLife Member
HIBBARD , HARRY RNew York0490-NY-1 MCW2Life Member
INGALLS , WAYNEThe Dakotas5355-DK-3 ARVNLife Member
IVERSON , WALTER OMinnesota0056-MN-2 MCKRLife Member
JOHNS , CHARLES MMissouri0115-MO-2 ARVNLife Member
JOHNSON , FARRIS TGeorgia0531-GA-4 MCVNLife Member
JORDAN , RANSOMMaryland2222-MD-1 ARVNLife Member
KAHL , PATRICK WNew York0490-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
KALAHAR , DONALD LEEIllinois0159-IL-2 ARVNLife Member
KEPPLER , LAWRENCE AArizona0691-AZ-6 ARKRLife Member
KURTELAWICZ , JOHNNew York0490-NY-1 MCVNLife Member
LA CAPRUCIA , ANTHONYSouth Carolina0402-SC-4 ARVNLife Member
LADDEN , JAMES RPennsylvania0190-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
LEONARD , JOSEPH FVirginia1607-VA-1 MCVNLife Member
LOFTUS , OWENSouth Carolina0932-SC-4 ARKRLife Member
MANNING , JOEL EMissouri0115-MO-2 ARVNLife Member
MAY , KENNETH NNorth Carolina0642-NC-4 MCKRLife Member
MCCONNELL , RANDY LMichigan0110-MI-2 ARVNLife Member
MCFADDEN , PAULNew York0490-NY-1 ARKRLife Member
PEBLEY , WILLIAMSouth Carolina0402-SC-4 ARW2Life Member
PELLETIER , DONALD ADelaware1787-DE-1 MCVNLife Member
PHILLIPS , HAROLDNew York0490-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
PICKETT , JOHNColorado0434-CO-5 ARVNLife Member
PUGH , GLOVERAlabama2202-AL-4 ARW2Life Member
RHOADES , WILLIAM DFlorida0601-FL-4 MCVNLife Member
ROMEO , VINCENT JNorth Carolina0637-NC-4 ARW2Life Member
ROSITANO , JOSEPH ANew York0490-NY-1 AFW2Life Member
ROWLAND , ROBERT RVirginia1607-VA-1 ARVNLife Member
SALLS , DONALD JAlabama2211-AL-4 ARW2Life Member
SCARFO , JOHN JNew York0490-NY-1 ARW2Life Member
SIGMANS , JOHN RPennsylvania0190-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
SMALL , BRITTMissouri0115-MO-2 ARVNLife Member
SMITH , JERRY DMissouri0115-MO-2 ARVNLife Member
STANTS , JAMES EFlorida0776-FL-4 MCKRLife Member
TEMME , RAYMOND WMinnesota0005-MN-2 ARW2Life Member
TRAHAN , CHARLES CMississippi0680-MS-4 MCKRLife Member
TUMA , FRANKNew Mexico2004-NM-5 ARVNLife Member
WACHTER , ROBERT MMissouri0115-MO-2 MCW2Life Member
WALLACE , TOMNew York0490-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
WEIDNER , ROBERT IPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARKRLife Member
WILLIAMS , FELIX ESouth Carolina0402-SC-4 ARVNLife Member
WOJNAS , JOHNNew York0490-NY-1 ARKRLife Member
WOOSLEY , LARRY WVirginia1607-VA-1 MCVNLife Member
WRIGHT , DOUGLAS ANew York0490-NY-1 ARVNLife Member

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