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MOPH Memorial Page

This page is meant to honor and remember Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) members that have passed away. Our members served our country proudly and risked their lives defending freedom. They traveled to foreign lands to ensure that wars weren't fought in our backyards. They faced bullets, bombs, mortars and all of the hells of war in order to defend liberty and the American way of life. While serving our country they sustained injuries that would affect them for the rest of their lives. They are true American hero’s and our country will be eternally grateful for their courage and sacrifice.

In addition to honoring our members who are Purple Heart recipients, we also remember our associate members. Associate members are lineal relatives of Purple Heart recipients. Under member type Purple Heart recipients are listed as Annual Members or Life Members. Associate members are listed as Associate Life Members or Associate Annual Members.

This page is NOT maintained by the MOPH national office. Please do not call the MOPH national office in reference to this page. For any corrections to this page please email webmaster@purpleheart.org. If you know of a MOPH member that has passed away and is not listed on this page please contact their local chapter. Any chapter officer can add members of their chapter to this list. You can find their chapter by clicking here and searching by the zip code that the member lived in. This memorial only lists MOPH members. Purple Heart recipients that never joined the MOPH are not listed on this memorial page. Also, Purple Heart recipients cannot join the MOPH posthumously.

The following Members have passed away in the last 2 months

Name Department Chapter Service War Member Type
ABRAMCHAK , PETERNew Jersey0366-NJ-1 MCVNLife Member
ADAMS , BILLYMissouri0115-MO-2 ARW2Life Member
ADELBERG , MORTONPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
ADRIAN , GEORGE EWisconsin0550-WI-2 ARVNLife Member
AKUI , MOSESDelaware1787-DE-1 AFVNLife Member
ALLEN , MICHAEL RFlorida0535-FL-4 ARVNLife Member
ANDREWS , BERNARDMassachusetts0875-MA-1 AFW2Life Member
ANDREWS , PHILIP RArizona0691-AZ-6 ARVNLife Member
ARAMBULA , CARLOSIndiana0833-IN-2 ARVNLife Member
ARAUJO , MARCUS RNebraska0632-NE-2 ARVNLife Member
ARCHER , WILLIAMArizona0472-AZ-6 MCVNLife Member
ARVIZU , MIGUEL AArizona0442-AZ-6 ARKRLife Member
BAER , THOMAS R.Indiana1922-IN-2 ARW2Annual Member
BAIJ , EVELYNMichiganUnit DMLMI Not ListedNot ListedNot Listed
BAILEY , ARDITHMOPHA KentuckyUnit 0767-KY-2 Not ListedNot ListedNot Listed
BAIOCCHI , RICHARDPennsylvania0011-PA-1 MCKRLife Member
BANKS , JERRY WAYNEPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
BARBER , RICHARD LFlorida0400-FL-4 ARKRLife Member
BARRESE , PATSYNew York0405-NY-1 ARW2Life Member
BATES , ALBERTNorth Carolina0639-NC-4 MCVNLife Member
BEARD , HENRYMississippi0682-MS-4 ARVNLife Member
BELCHER , FITZROY AIdaho0509-ID-3 ARKRLife Member
BELEZOS , GEORGE WMassachusetts0875-MA-1 ARW2Life Member
BENDER , BARRYPennsylvania0011-PA-1 NVVNLife Member
BENNETT , HOWARD LIndiana1916-IN-2 MCW2Life Member
BENOIT , ALANMissouri0115-MO-2 ARVNLife Member
BERG , EARL EArizona0691-AZ-6 ARVNLife Member
BIESECKER , DONALDWisconsin0550-WI-2 ARVNLife Member
BLACK , THOMASMissouri0115-MO-2 ARW2Life Member
BLAKENEY , RUFUSNorth Carolina0636-NC-4 MCVNLife Member
BOHANNON , WILLIAM CTennesseeDML-TN-4 ARNot ListedLife Member
BOURGEOIS , GEORGE JMassachusetts0875-MA-1 ARW2Life Member
BOWMAN , CHARLES EOhio1981-OH-2 ARW2Life Member
BRADSHAW , ELLIS BMassachusetts0875-MA-1 MCW2Life Member
BRANDANO , ANTHONYNew York0490-NY-1 AFW2Life Member
BROCK , JAMES APennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
BRONSON , JAMESMassachusetts0875-MA-1 Not ListedNot ListedAssociate Life Member
BROWN , HARVEYNevada2004-NM-5 ARW2Life Member
BROWN , RALPH CPennsylvania0011-PA-1 ARKRLife Member
BRUMMEL , HAROLD RMissouri0115-MO-2 ARW2Life Member
BRYLA , ALBERTFlorida0524-FL-4 ARVNLife Member
BUFFINGTON , EARL APennsylvania0011-PA-1 MCW2Life Member
BURCHAM , BERNARDWest Virginia0415-WV-2 ARNot ListedLife Member
BURKE , ROBERT JColorado0423-CO-5 ARVNLife Member
BURLESON , RONALD AFlorida0535-FL-4 ARVNLife Member
BUSH , JOHNNY JArkansasDML-AR-5 ARVNLife Member
BYRNE , FRANK KNorth Carolina2226-NC-4 ARVNLife Member
CALLAHAN , MICHAEL JMissouri0115-MO-2 ARVNLife Member
CAMPBELL , LULAAlabama2201-AL-4 Not ListedNot ListedAssociate Life Member
CANTWELL , ROBERT CFlorida0316-FL-4 ARVNLife Member
CAPLE , ELDRIDGE MMissouri0115-MO-2 ARW2Life Member
CAPPS , JASON DGeorgia0425-GA-4 ARIFLife Member
CAREY , GEORGE C.Pennsylvania0011-PA-1 MCVNAnnual Member
CARMICHAEL , JOE ATexas3077-TX-5 ARW2Annual Member
CARPENTER , MALCOLM JTexas1513-TX-5 AFW2Life Member
CASALE , PAUL JPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
CASS , NORMAN LFlorida0400-FL-4 AFVNLife Member
CASTINADO , TRINIDAD HNew Mexico1966-NM-5 ARW2Annual Member
CAYTON , RICHARD BTexas1876-TX-5 ARVNLife Member
CHADWICK , WALTERTexas1836-TX-5 ARKRLife Member
CHAMBERS , CALVIN DArkansas0460-AR-5 ARVNLife Member
CHARRON , WILFREDMassachusetts0875-MA-1 ARW2Life Member
CILIO , JOHN JPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
CIOFALO , PHILIPPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
CLARK , GERALDTennessee0356-TN-4 ARW2Life Member
CLARK , PAUL HOhio0840-OH-2 MCVNLife Member
CLARK , ROBERT HAlabama2202-AL-4 ARVNLife Member
CLAUSEN , ERDWIN JLouisianaDML-LA-5 MCVNAnnual Member
CLOSSON , JAMES FWashington0407-WA-3 ARVNLife Member
COLLEY , RALPHArkansas0587-AR-5 ARVNLife Member
CORNMAN , WILMER RGeorgia0425-GA-4 ARW2Life Member
COTTOM , RICHARD VPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
CRABTREE , MILEY RArizona0442-AZ-6 ARW2Life Member
CRAIG , JACKIE EArizona0790-AZ-6 ARVNLife Member
CROOM , CALVINLouisiana0727 LA-5 MCVNLife Member
CROWLEY , CHESTER FArizona0691-AZ-6 ARVNLife Member
CZARNECKI , EDWARD JNew York0490-NY-1 NVVNLife Member
CZERNOWSKI , JEANNEMOPHA OregonUnit 0072-OR-3 Not ListedNot ListedNot Listed
D'ARPINO , ANTHONYNew York0490-NY-1 Not ListedNot ListedLife Member
DAVENPORT , LYNWOOD LDelaware1787-DE-1 ARW2Life Member
DEALY , JAMES PAlabamaDML-AL-4 AFW2Life Member
DEBOARD , JACOB BFlorida0524-FL-4 ARVNLife Member
DEGEARE , DON JTennessee0487-TN-4 ARVNAnnual Member
DEGERNES , MAYHLON LArizona0691-AZ-6 MCKRLife Member
DEL SESTO , RAYMOND PMassachusetts0875-MA-1 NVW2Life Member
DEMSKIE , NEAL HPennsylvania0656-PA-1 NVVNLife Member
DEROSE , DOMINIC MPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
DEVINE , JAMES CTexas0393-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
DEWINKEL , CASEWisconsin0165-WI-2 ARIFLife Member
DOTT , ROBERT HPennsylvania1777-PA-1 NVW2Life Member
DOWDING , MAKENZIEMOPHA IllinoisUnit 0159-IL-2 Not ListedNot ListedNot Listed
DUKE , EUGENE LPennsylvania0011-PA-1 ARKRAnnual Member
DULANEY , WOODFORD HNew Mexico0372-NM-5 ARW2Annual Member
DUNN , HATTIEMOPHA TexasUnit 1876-TX-5 Not ListedNot ListedNot Listed
DUNN , MICHAEL DArkansas0431-AR-5 MCVNLife Member
DUSZA , ROBERT WMassachusetts0875-MA-1 ARVNLife Member
EASTERLING , TOMNorth Carolina0634-NC-4 ARW2Life Member
EETEN , WELDONIllinois0159-IL-2 ARW2Life Member
ELLEDGE , ROBERT EIllinois0138-IL-2 ARKRLife Member
EPPLEY , EDWARD EArizona0442-AZ-6 ARW2Life Member
EVANS , WILLIAMPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
EVATT , LLOYD TMissouri0621-MO-2 NVW2Life Member
EVERETT , RONALD AMassachusettsDML-MA-1 MCVNLife Member
FAIONE , ROBERT JPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARKRLife Member
FARLEY , WILLIAM G.Arizona0442-AZ-6 ARW2Life Member
FEATHER , KEITH WArizona0691-AZ-6 ARW2Annual Member
FENYVES , TEDDYIndiana0833-IN-2 ARVNLife Member
FERDIK , FRANK GPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
FERRIS , ANTHONYNew York0490-NY-1 AFW2Life Member
FERULLO , FRANK JMassachusetts0875-MA-1 ARW2Life Member
FILI , WILLIAMPennsylvania1777-PA-1 AFW2Life Member
FLORES , ERMILO PPennsylvania0011-PA-1 AFW2Life Member
FLOYD , JACK DMichigan0018-MI-2 ARW2Life Member
FRANCKOWIAK , RALPH EArizona0691-AZ-6 ARW2Annual Member
FRANCULLO , NICHOLAS JMassachusetts0875-MA-1 ARW2Life Member
FRANKLIN , HERBERT ONew York0406-NY-1 MCVNAnnual Member
FULMER , ROBERT WPennsylvaniaDML-PA-1 ARKRLife Member
GAGAS , HERMAN JWisconsin0162-WI-2 ARVNLife Member
GALLOWAY , JAMESTennessee0356-TN-4 ARKRLife Member
GARCIA , SANTIAGOTexas1836-TX-5 MCVNLife Member
GARDNER , GEORGE TIdaho0509-ID-3 ARVNLife Member
GARELL , PAUL RPennsylvania0011-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
GASTON , STEVEN LTexas0542-TX-5 MCVNLife Member
GAST , WILLIAM EPennsylvania0107-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
GEARY , KEVINIndiana0833-IN-2 MCVNLife Member
GENNARI , GEORGE JMassachusetts0875-MA-1 ARW2Life Member
GIBSON , RAYMOND TArizona0442-AZ-6 ARW2Life Member
GILLESPIE , DONALD JPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
GOETCHEUS , JAMESVirginia0607-VA-1 ARVNLife Member
GOLDEN , LAMARPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
GOMACH , THOMAS MWisconsin0165-WI-2 ARVNLife Member
GORDON , CHARLESTexas1919-TX-5 ARVNLife Member
GREEN , CLOYDMissouri0115-MO-2 ARW2Life Member
GREER , WALTER LPennsylvania0390-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
GREGOR , DAVID LWisconsin0162-WI-2 ARVNLife Member
GRESS , JOHN HNew York0446-NY-1 MCW2Life Member
GUARNERE , WILLIAMPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
GUPTON , LYLE AArizona0442-AZ-6 ARW2Life Member
HACKL , ROBERT CWisconsin0165-WI-2 ARVNLife Member
HANSON , RAYMOND OWisconsin0165-WI-2 ARW2Life Member
HARRELL , RUPERTTexas1513-TX-5 ARVNLife Member
HARRINGTON , ROBERTMassachusetts0875-MA-1 NVW2Life Member
HASSICK , MICHAEL HNew York0490-NY-1 MCVNLife Member
HATHAWAY , CHARLES LArizona0442-AZ-6 ARKRLife Member
HAWLEY , GEORGE LPennsylvania0011-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
HEDGLIN , RAYMOND A.North Carolina0636-NC-4 ARW2Life Member
HEINLEY , VERNON JPennsylvania0107-PA-1 AFVNLife Member
HENDRICKS , WILLIAM AAlaska0675-AK-3 ARKRLife Member
HERNANDEZ , JOE B.Arizona0442-AZ-6 ARKRLife Member
HOYAUX , GARYPennsylvania0011-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
HUBBARD , NORTON BWisconsin0165-WI-2 AFW2Life Member
HUGHES , JOHN MArizona0442-AZ-6 ARW2Life Member
IVERSON , WALTER OMinnesota0056-MN-2 MCKRLife Member
JACOBINI , GUERINOPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
JANS , H EDWARDMassachusetts0875-MA-1 ARW2Life Member
JOHNS , CHARLES MMissouri0115-MO-2 ARVNLife Member
JOHNSON , A VArizona0442-AZ-6 AFVNLife Member
JOHNSON , GORDON DIndiana1922-IN-2 ARW2Life Member
JOHNS , ROBERT AWisconsin0165-WI-2 ARW2Life Member
JONES , DEE RArizona0691-AZ-6 AFW2Life Member
JONES , WILBUR RAYWisconsin0165-WI-2 ARKRLife Member
JONES , WILLIAMPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
JORDAN , RANSOMMaryland2222-MD-1 ARVNLife Member
JUMPER , GEORGE HPennsylvania0011-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
KAHL , PATRICK WNew York0490-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
KANE , PATRICKMississippi0682-MS-4 NVVNLife Member
KAY , GARY M.Florida1980-FL-4 ARVNAnnual Member
KEEDER , DONALD MArizona0442-AZ-6 ARW2Life Member
KELLER , ORLANDERHawaii0483-HI-6 ARVNLife Member
KENDALL , STUARTOregon0072-OR-3 MCVNLife Member
KENT , ROLAND JNevada0719-NV-6 MCVNLife Member
KEPPLER , LAWRENCE AArizona0691-AZ-6 ARKRLife Member
KILLIAN , SHERMAN RHawaii0483-HI-6 MCW2Life Member
KINDRED , COLLINS FMissouri0115-MO-2 ARW2Life Member
KNEREM , RALPH EOhio0606-OH-2 ARVNLife Member
KNIPLING , XAVIER APennsylvania0455-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
KOCHER , MICKEY GArizona0442-AZ-6 ARVNLife Member
KOMER , JOHN RMissouri0115-MO-2 MCVNLife Member
KOPP , WARREN WPennsylvania0011-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
KRACK , ALVINOhio0148-OH-2 Not ListedNot ListedAnnual Associate Member
KUNDO , WILLIAM CFlorida0794-FL-4 ARVNLife Member
KURTELAWICZ , JOHNNew York0490-NY-1 MCVNLife Member
LA CAPRUCIA , ANTHONYSouth Carolina0402-SC-4 ARVNLife Member
LA SALATA , ANTHONYNorth Carolina0636-NC-4 ARW2Life Member
LADDEN , JAMES RPennsylvania0190-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
LAPIO , RALPH AMissouri0115-MO-2 ARKRLife Member
LARIA , JOSEPH DNew York0490-NY-1 ARW2Annual Member
LARSON , LOUISWisconsin0550-WI-2 ARVNLife Member
LASAPIO , JOHNMissouri0115-MO-2 ARVNLife Member
LAWLOR , RUTHMOPHA TexasUnit 1836-TX-5 Not ListedNot ListedNot Listed
LEE , LAIRD EDWINOhio0840-OH-2 ARVNLife Member
LEHMAN , DARCYOhio0643-OH-2 ARKRLife Member
LILLEY , HAROLD W.Arizona0442-AZ-6 ARW2Life Member
LOFGREN , BERNARDMassachusetts0875-MA-1 MCW2Life Member
LOFTUS , OWENSouth Carolina0932-SC-4 ARKRLife Member
LOMAX , MARK LAlaska0675-AK-3 ARVNLife Member
LONERGAN , JOHN MPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
LOPEZ , JOSE RTexas1836-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
LOTHROP , FORRESTThe Dakotas5355-DK-3 ARW2Life Member
LUTZ , GEORGEVirginia1775-VA-1 Not ListedNot ListedAssociate Life Member
LYBARGER , FRANK RFlorida0601-FL-4 ARW2Life Member
MACDONALD , GEORGE JConnecticut0001-CT-1 ARKRLife Member
MAGEE , FRANK JPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
MAHONEY , ROBERTCalifornia1898-CA-6 ARVNLife Member
MANNING , JOEL EMissouri0115-MO-2 ARVNLife Member
MANUEL , EZEL JPennsylvania0011-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
MARSHALL , BRUCEMaryland0577-MD-1 ARVNLife Member
MARTIN , FRANCIS AVirginia1607-VA-1 ARVNLife Member
MARTINO , ANTHONYPennsylvania0190-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
MCCLAIN , WESLEY RMichigan0609-MI-2 ARW2Life Member
MCCONNELL , FRANK ANew Jersey0246-NJ-1 ARVNLife Member
MCFADDEN , PAULNew York0490-NY-1 ARKRLife Member
MCFARLAND , VERNON BUDPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
MCFARLAND , WILLIAM FTennessee0356-TN-4 ARVNLife Member
MCGINLEY , ARTHURTennessee0356-TN-4 MCVNLife Member
MCMULLAN , JOHN J JMassachusetts0875-MA-1 ARW2Life Member
MENCHACA , MOISES RTexas1836-TX-5 ARVNLife Member
MIGUEL , ALEXANDERHawaii0779-HI-6 ARKRLife Member
MIKSTAS , MARTINPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCW2Life Member
MOHRMANN , FREDERICK AWisconsin0770-WI-2 MCW2Life Member
MONROE , JAMES EMichigan0018-MI-2 ARKRLife Member
MONTOYA , ERNESTArizona0442-AZ-6 ARKRLife Member
MORRISON , DANIEL JArizona0691-AZ-6 AFW2Life Member
MORRISON , DONALD CTexas1919-TX-5 ARW2Life Member
MUDD , EDWARD CKentucky0146-KY-2 ARVNAnnual Member
MUMPER , WILLIAM APennsylvania0011-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
NAKASHIMA , BRUCE KCalifornia0210-CA-6 ARVNLife Member
NESBELLA , MICHAEL BPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCW2Life Member
NORTON , OLIVER WMichigan0110-MI-2 NVVNLife Member
NUGENT , JAMES AKentucky2021-KY-2 AFVNLife Member
O'BRIEN , HUGHArizona0691-AZ-6 ARVNLife Member
O'BRIEN , WALTER JNew York0490-NY-1 MCW2Life Member
O'CONNOR , WILLIAM P.New York0490-NY-1 ARKRAnnual Member
OLESON , ALBERTWisconsin0165-WI-2 MCKRLife Member
PALMQUIST , RICHARDIllinois0323-IL-2 MCVNLife Member
PEBLEY , WILLIAMSouth Carolina0402-SC-4 ARW2Life Member
PELLETIER , DONALD ADelaware1787-DE-1 MCVNLife Member
PELLHUM , GARFIELDMissouri0140-MO-2 ARIFLife Member
PERES , RICHARDNew York0490-NY-1 ARKRAnnual Member
PERKINS , WAYNE LOhio0840-OH-2 ARVNLife Member
PETTY , HUIE WMaryland0577-MD-1 MCW2Life Member
PHILLIPS , HAROLDNew York0490-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
PICKETT , JOHNColorado0434-CO-5 ARVNLife Member
PIERSON , ROBERT EOklahoma0820-OK-5 MCVNLife Member
POLLOCK , ROBERT EARLMissouri0821-MO-2 ARVNLife Member
PORATH , WILLIAMMichigan1976-MI-2 ARVNLife Member
POSER , MARVIN WPennsylvania0011-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
POWERS , JOHN EIowa0861-IA-2 MCVNLife Member
PRIEB , LESLIE EArizona0442-AZ-6 AFW2Life Member
PRINCE , HOWARD TTexas1919-TX-5 ARVNLife Member
PROBSTEIN , IRWINWisconsin0165-WI-2 ARW2Life Member
PUGLIA , MICHAELPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
QUIRIN , PETER HWisconsin0770-WI-2 ARVNLife Member
RAYBURN , HOMER LTennessee0356-TN-4 ARW2Life Member
RAY , ROBERT LTexas1836-TX-5 NVW2Life Member
RECCHI , NICHOLAS PPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARKRLife Member
REGISTER , DAVIDGeorgia1000-GA-4 NVVNLife Member
RHOADES , WILLIAM DFlorida0601-FL-4 MCVNLife Member
RIDDLE , JOSEPHPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
ROBB , WILLIAM JPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
RODRIGUEZ , PEDRO AArizona0442-AZ-6 ARKRLife Member
ROMEO , VINCENT JNorth Carolina0637-NC-4 ARW2Life Member
ROSITANO , JOSEPH ANew York0490-NY-1 AFW2Life Member
RUBILLO , MICHAEL LPennsylvania1777-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
RUNNELS , CHARLES AMaine0932-SC-4 MCVNLife Member
RUSHING , LAWRENCE TArizona0442-AZ-6 ARKRLife Member
RYAN , ARTHURPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARVNLife Member
SALLS , DONALD JAlabama2211-AL-4 ARW2Life Member
SASSON , JOHN HNew York0417-NY-1 ARW2Life Member
SCARBROUGH , SAM WADEAlabama2202-AL-4 MCVNLife Member
SCARFO , JOHN JNew York0490-NY-1 ARW2Life Member
SCHLOSSBERG , S JACKPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
SCOTT , STANLEY FArizona0691-AZ-6 AFW2Life Member
SEARER , KENNETH LPennsylvania0011-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
SEIDOV , VAGIF ATennessee0613-TN-4 ARAFLife Member
SELLERS , JAMES EIndiana0604-CA-6 NVVNLife Member
SEYMOUR , CHARLES CTennessee0888-TN-4 ARVNLife Member
SHAW , ALVAArkansas0587-AR-5 MCVNLife Member
SHENKLE , GEORGEPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
SHEPHERD , WILLIAM HKentucky0146-KY-2 Not ListedVNAnnual Member
SHOEMAKER , JOHN BArizona0472-AZ-6 ARVNLife Member
SIGMANS , JOHN RPennsylvania0190-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
SILLMAN , MILO HWisconsin0165-WI-2 MCKRLife Member
SIMONDS , VALENTINE JPennsylvania0011-PA-1 ARKRLife Member
SMALL , BRITTMissouri0115-MO-2 ARVNLife Member
SMITH , EBEN NArizona0442-AZ-6 MCW2Life Member
SMITH , JERRY DMissouri0115-MO-2 ARVNLife Member
SMITH , LOUIS EOhio3620-OH-2 MCW2Life Member
SMITH , NELLMOPHA GeorgiaUnit 0596-GA-4 Not ListedNot ListedNot Listed
SMITH , THOMAS JFlorida0776-FL-4 MCW2Life Member
SMITH , WILLIAM L.New York0490-NY-1 ARW2Life Member
SNYDER , DIXIETennessee0244-TN-4 Not ListedNot ListedAssociate Life Member
SOBCZYNSKI , STANLEY FPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
STALEY , DAVID HArizona0442-AZ-6 ARVNLife Member
STANFEL , WILLIAM CMichigan0459-MI-2 ARKRLife Member
STERN , PHILIPCalifornia1898-CA-6 ARW2Life Member
STIRDIVANT , LARRY AMichigan0018-MI-2 MCVNLife Member
STOCKHAM , DAVID SArizona0691-AZ-6 ARW2Annual Member
STONE , LEROY DFlorida0535-FL-4 ARW2Life Member
STRAWAY , FLOYD HNew Jersey0202-NJ-1 ARW2Life Member
STRUMSKY , STANLEY C.Pennsylvania0011-PA-1 ARVNAnnual Member
STUBER , ERNEST PWisconsin0165-WI-2 ARW2Life Member
STYS , FRANCIS H.New York0490-NY-1 ARKRAnnual Member
SURLES , RANDALLFlorida0566-FL-4 ARPMLife Member
SWORDS , HELENMOPHA GeorgiaUnit 0576-GA-4 Not ListedNot ListedNot Listed
SWORDS , SHAY CAMERONFlorida1980-FL-4 Not ListedNot ListedAnnual Associate Member
SZILVASY , JOHNTexas0393-TX-5 ARVNLife Member
TALLEY , JOHN LIowa0861-IA-2 ARVNLife Member
TATE , MORRIS WVirginia0353-VA-1 NVVNLife Member
TATMAN , DONALDWashington0470-WA-3 ARKRLife Member
TEMME , RAYMOND WMinnesota0005-MN-2 ARW2Life Member
TENNEY , RONALD EMissouri0115-MO-2 ARVNLife Member
TESTER , LUTHER MCalifornia2929-CA-6 ARKRLife Member
THACKABERRY , HUGHColorado0592-CO-5 ARKRAnnual Member
THOMPSON , GEAN EMissouri0821-MO-2 ARKRLife Member
TRAHAN , CHARLES CMississippi0680-MS-4 MCKRLife Member
TRUJILLO , ARTUROFlorida0776-FL-4 ARVNLife Member
TUMA , FRANKNew Mexico2004-NM-5 ARVNLife Member
TWOMEY , CHARLES E.Arizona0442-AZ-6 ARVNLife Member
VEA , JACKIE ANorth Carolina0634-NC-4 ARVNLife Member
VELEZ-ROMAN , DANIELThe Carribean0661-PR-4 ARVNLife Member
WACHTER , ROBERT MMissouri0115-MO-2 MCW2Life Member
WALKER , STANLEY E.Pennsylvania0011-PA-1 NVNot ListedLife Member
WALLACE , TOMNew York0490-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
WALL , DENNIS RArizona0442-AZ-6 ARVNLife Member
WALTERS , PAUL APennsylvania0011-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
WARD , DANIELCalifornia0483-HI-6 MCKRLife Member
WASHINGTON , GLEN MConnecticut0103-CT-1 MCVNLife Member
WATTS , LOWELLArizona0691-AZ-6 ARW2Life Member
WEAVER , GORDONArizona0472-AZ-6 MCVNLife Member
WEBB , MARION SKentucky0146-KY-2 NVW2Life Member
WEBER , ROBERT JTexas1836-TX-5 ARVNLife Member
WEIDNER , ROBERT IPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARKRLife Member
WELLER , VERNON PPennsylvania0011-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
WESTBROOK , ROLANDVirginia1965-VA-1 ARW2Life Member
WESTON , DELEON B LTexas0393-TX-5 ARVNLife Member
WIGLER , JEROMEPennsylvania1777-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
WILBUR , GRETCHENPennsylvania1777-PA-1 Not ListedNot ListedAssociate Life Member
WILLIAMS , JOHN EPennsylvania0011-PA-1 ARIFLife Member
WILLIAMS , PAUL MALCOLMNorth Carolina0636-NC-4 MCVNLife Member
WILSON , DENNIS RMichigan1879-MI-2 ARVNLife Member
WOJNAS , JOHNNew York0490-NY-1 ARKRLife Member
WRIGHT , DOUGLAS ANew York0490-NY-1 ARVNLife Member
WRIGHT , ROBERT EPennsylvania0011-PA-1 MCVNLife Member
YORGEY , JAMES EPennsylvania0011-PA-1 ARW2Life Member
YOUNG , WILLIS EArizona0442-AZ-6 ARW2Life Member
ZALONIS , JOSEPH T.Pennsylvania0011-PA-1 ARW2Annual Member

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