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Software Developer Training Program

The Military Order of the Purple Heart and Redding Software Corporation have joined forces to offer MOPH members, veterans, and family members of MOPH members a unique opportunity: free Software Developer training. Annually, we select 15 individuals to participate in our complimentary training program. The tentative start date for this year's program is January 2nd, 2024. Priority admission is given to MOPH members.

Program Details

This training spans one year, divided into approximately 1 month long modules. Students must commit to participating in Zoom meetings from 2 PM to 4 PM CST, Tuesday through Friday. Successful graduation requires attendance at 90% of the classes unless an exception is granted.


Our students follow a modular curriculum, earning certifications for each module through platforms like SoloLearn and freeCodeCamp. They commence with HTML, move on to CSS, and progress to JavaScript. Following the fundamentals of front-end web development, students delve into back-end languages such as Python and SQL.

Project Portfolio

The first task for students is to create their own resume/portfolio website, as most employers favor applicants who can showcase their skills through a personal website. Each time students master a new programming language, they apply their newfound skills to update their website.

  • Mobile app development**
  • Web app creation**
  • Website creation
  • Assist with the MOPH website
  • Human Resources management system
  • Technical interview questions

**Some of these projects may necessitate knowledge of the C# programming language, which will be taught as needed.**

Testimonials from past students
"I have learned a lot in this course and have discovered a new way to approach the job market with a unique skill that will take me far in this field."
- Brian Anthony
“I'm really appreciative about how the Military Order of the Purple Heart created this program. During the training I was able to learn a lot, and even when I was struggling, Brandon and others took the time to explain it to me more in depth. This program has been fun, and I've gained so much from this year. Thank you very much.”
- Trisha Andreas
"From having zero knowledge of this course, I have learned a lot. This new skill will definitely help me in the job market. Thanks."
- Mark Holbert
“The MOPH Software Developer Internship has been an excellent opportunity to grow my skillset and increase my employability.”
- Mike East
"Taking this MOPH course, although we are half-way through it has allowed me to see the possibilities of coding and how it helps with your logical thinking. Although I am still learning, I am glad to have taken this MOPH course and how it has boosted my confidence in knowing that I can solve issues."
- Peter Baah

Application Form

If you are a MOPH member, a veteran, or a family member of a MOPH member interested in applying for our training program or internship, please complete the form.

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