ROTC Leadership Order Process

Roger Newall, National ROTC Officer

9712 Arvilla Ave Ne

Albuquerque, NM 87111-4741

Phone: (505) 610-1533

Email: roger_newall@msn.com

Ordering Procedures:

High School, College, University or Trade School

The Commander of the Unit selects the recipient annually. The 2019 MOPH ROTC/JROTC award package can be ordered by email, letter or Fax. We require a written request to fill an order.

Please include:

(1) name and address of school,

(2) name, rank and contact info for the ROTC/JROTC Instructor and,

(3) the ceremony date.

There is no charge for the ROTC/JROTC Award package.  We do not require the name of the recipient.

Email: rotc@purpleheart.org
Letter: MOPH, 5413-B Backlick Road, Springfield, VA 22151-3960
Fax: (703) 642-1841

We will provide one award per school per unit per year. We do not supply multiple awards for High schools or for use in future years. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

If you have a question call Stewart McKeown, ROTC Coordinator at (703) 642-5360.

MOPH Chapter

Individual MOPH Members or Chapters may order the award for specific schools by forwarding a written request to include school name and address, ROTC contact name and phone number, and ceremony date (if known) to MOPH Headquarters: 5413-B Backlick Road, Springfield, VA 22151 or by FAX: (703) 642-2054, or by e-mail: ROTC@Purpleheart.org.