Badge of Merit Award

Program Objectives:

To provide for an Award to be presented by “military” and “non-military” organizations whose members who are not members of JROTC/ROTC  Accredited Military Services High School Educational Programs

 To recognize individuals from other youth non-educational attached programs with recognition for their demonstrated leadership   roles within their organizations and communities

   1. Awarded to a member of a “Youth” or “Military Based” Organization

     • That does not qualify under the criteria for the JROTC Award Program
     • Organizations Eligible
          -Civil Air Patrol
          -Navy Sea Cadets
          -Young Marines
          -Boy and Girl Scouts
          -Mid-School Pre-ROTC
          -Exceptions on a case by case approval

   2. Badge of Merit Award Requirements:

       • Recommended: One award presented per Organization per Year (Maximum 2)
       • Previous Recipients ARE NOT eligible for the Award again
       • Been member of organization for two (2) years or more
       • Recommended Age Range: Pre-High School, Non-JROTC High School or Exceptions
         Case by Case
       Meet the Leadership and Involvement requirements:
         – For Meritorious Action, Extraordinary Fidelity and Outstanding Service to their
            Organization or Community
         – Not in “Senior Leadership” position – “Program Leader or Company Commander”
         – Standout among “Peers”
         – Will still be a member of the organization in upcoming years to be example of the
            qualification required and to demonstrate these abilities they demonstrated for the

“Medal” Based Award

Service Bar with Inscription  “Meritorious Service”

Suspension Plate with “Badge of Merit 1782”

Color – Purple/White with Gold edge trim




“Cloth” Based Award

Service Bar with Inscription “Meritorious Service”

Embroidered Patch using design of the “Badge of Merit 1782”