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Del "Bulldog" Turner

National VAVS Director Del ‘Bulldog’ Turner

Last Year the Veterans Affairs Volunteer Service Program (VAVS), through local Representatives and Deputies at the Chapter and Department levels, donated 110,137 hours at 106 Veteran Affair Sites throughout this Nation. At a conservative estimate of $10/hour this equates to over 1 Million Dollars of supportive services time to all Veterans in need.

VAVS operates the largest volunteer program in the Federal Government, supplementing staff and resources in all areas of patient care and support. Volunteers supplement essential personnel, equipment, facilities, and programs for direct and indirect care, treatment and welfare of veteran patients. The Purple Heart VAVS volunteers participate in the VA’s program and provide invaluable service to other veterans and their families.

This is just one of the many Programs made available by The Purple Heart.

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